About Fogster Features

Scissor Saver
You may collect any ads you want to revisit later by using our Scissor Saver feature. There is no limit to the number of ads you can "clip and save," and they will be collected in one place and saved for you. To view these ads, make sure you are logged in and select the "User Tools" in the left navigation bar. Ads will be removed from your Scissor Saver group within 14 days of the ad's expiration.

Ad Hunter
With Ad Hunter, you can track your favorite categories by e-mail, having Fogster e-mail you when there are new listings in those categories. Watch one or many at the same time. To see the Ad Hunter settings, make sure you are logged in and select the User Tools" in the left navigation bar. To add a Hunter category, navigate to that category and select the link from there. Again, you must be logged in to use this feature.

RSS Reader Feeds
Fogster is available with an RSS newsreader (now available on My Yahoo! or via applications, such as NetNewsWire or any of them listed on this site) to instantly give you summaries of current listings. To activate RSS feeds, navigate to the category you want to see and copy and paste the RSS link into your RSS newsreader of choice. Mark Pilgrim's What is RSS? discusses the technology and its history, for more information.
To view the last 20 listings posted to the site, you can copy this link into your RSS Reader:
http://fogster.com/rss.php or add this to My Yahoo!.
If you wish to limit (or expand) your results beyond the last 20 listings, you can do so by adding '?limit=##' to the URL above. For instance, if you wanted to see the last 50 listings, the URL would look like this:

Adding HTML to your listing
If you know how, you can add HTML to your Fogster listing. For instance, if you want to include photos from your own Web site or storage space, you can add it by using basic HTML code. For an image (if you wanted to add the Fogster logo, for instance), you would use the code <img src=http://fogster.com/art/logo105_fogster.gif>, which would show you this: